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New horizons for your real estate

MNK Partners has developed a unique approach in this field by adapting the approach of asset allocation used in financial portfolios, to real estate. The portfolio management company uses the most innovative and efficient tools to build our investors real estate portfolios.

MNK Partners was created in 2017 by Mansour Khalifé, and is regulated by the French Financial Market Authority (AMF).

The company offers investment solutions in private mandates (club deals, dedicated funds, advisory mandate) as well as in collective funds. MNK Partners targets professional, well-informed and institutional investors.

Discover our solutions to bring a new dynamic to your portfolio.


Discover MNK One, our professional pan-European yield fund

Portfolio Management

Aimed at professional and institutional investors who are clients of CGP, deployed via various vehicles: Luxembourg life insurance (FID, FIC), insurance contracts under French law and securities accounts

MNK Partners develops a “boutique” approach offering an exclusive, transparent and ethical service to its investors.

MNK Partners structures dedicated vehicles that are optimized and adapted to the strategy that meets the need of its investors: Partnerships, French OPPCI, French FPS, Luxembourg funds (RAIF, SCSP), FID, FAS…for all asset classes in Europe.

Our services are exhaustive and range from asset allocation, investment decisions, tax and financing advisory, to wealth planning and transmission.

Finally, MNK Partners brings a recognized knowledge in the origination of round table discussions on specific investment opportunities (club deals).

including 350 millions under advisory

A European vision for a diversified management of your assets.

Thanks to our team and our European expertise, MNK Partners brings you the ability to invest in all classes of real estate (office, healthcare, retail, hotel, residential …) throughout Europe.

Pan-European Professional Yield Fund

MNK One is a pan-European professional real estate fund that invests in all European countries and in all real estate asset classes (excluding Residential).


MNK ONE is intended exclusively for qualified investors as defined in the Luxemburg law (residents of Luxemburg and Belgium) and professional investors (residents of France) as defined in MiFID II (Regulation 65/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council on markets in financial instruments (the “MiFID II Directive”).

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July 27, 2023

[Acquisition] – FPS #MNKEurope+ acquires its 4th asset!

July 25, 2023

[Acquisition] – New #MNKEurope+ acquisition in Amsterdam!

March 14, 2023

[Acquisition] Kalisz – Poland 🏢 🇵🇱

December 4, 2022

[Acquisition] Portugal/Porto – B&B Hotels – 🏢

October 19, 2022

MNK Partners acquires a first asset in the Netherlands for its new MNK Europe + fund

September 23, 2022

MNK Partners acquires a new asset in the UK


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The values that drive us
A simple, structured and investor-focused

We build our philosophy around 4 fundamental pillars :


Trust is initiated by a regular and transparent reporting, the achievement of our objectives, and the ability to be creative and innovative. The interest of our investors is always our priority.


Rigorous standards are at the core of our investment selection process and during our communication with our investors.


An unbiased independent management, with aligned interest and strong convictions that act in the best interest of our investors.


Boldness is based on our ability to think outside the box, thus opening up potential prospects of high profitability for our investors.