The MNK Europe + SPF offers professional investors the opportunity to invest in Western European markets combining value creation and positive real yield*.

MNK Europe + an innovative and committed strategy dedicated to the European market

*This information does not constitute a promise of return or performance. Investing in real estate involves numerous risks, including market risks, credit risks, default risks, counterparty risks, operational risks, risks related to the disposal of certain investments, and risks related to real estate investments.


A Core+ strategy allowing to invest in different asset classes (offices, retail parks, managed residences, or logistics…)


Through MNK Europe +, investors decarbonize their investment portfolios and increase investments in environmentally friendly solutions.


A yield fund offering investors a positive real return (not guaranteed).


Active management of an indirect real estate portfolio to ensure the fund’s liquidity.

"MNK EUROPE+ is a real estate fund designed to respond to the resurgence of inflation in Europe by generating a positive real yield and to the urgent need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Through MNK EUROPE+, we highlight the expertise and know-how of our teams both on the creation of yield through direct and indirect investments and on the energy emission of buildings."

Mansour Khalifé, Chairman

Our Strategy:

MNK Europe + Fund aims to generate a recurring yield coupled with capital growth over the medium term, by investing directly and indirectly in diversified tertiary assets in Europe, with a focus on the West of the European Union.

Thanks to its CORE+ strategy, the fund invests in major or secondary cities in targeted markets with the objective of offering its investors a yield of more than 5%/year (not guaranteed).

MNK Europe+’s investment strategy targets assets that have the potential to create value through strategic location, repositioning of the tenant(s), and/or the completion of asset improvement works to be aligned with ESG standards. The assets will be fully leased on a long-term basis, strategically located, and modernized.

MNK Europe+ favors socially responsible investments and aims to achieve certification within three years. The objective is to create a portfolio of assets tending towards carbon neutrality by making acquisitions that already meet SRI/ESG criteria or that may qualify for them once work is completed.

Fund characteristics:

Socially Responsible Investment

MNK EUROPE+ invests in assets** that meet the criteria of socially responsible investment and aims to achieve the Fund's labeling within 3 years of its launch.
** Real estate assets with the overall objective of balancing greenhouse gas emissions and removals

Yield strategy to face the resurgence of inflation

The Fund's objective is to distribute an annual yield superior to 5%/year (not guaranteed); yield distributed in the form of a quarterly dividend.

Sector and geographic diversification

Our opportunistic and diversified strategy allows the fund to invest in "Core+" offices, retail parks, managed residences, or logistic assets that, according to our expertise, have attractive growth prospects in major cities or towns.

An active management pocket

Reserved for investments in unlisted financial securities and liquid listed assets with real estate as an underlying asset, this pocket may represent up to 30% of the assets.

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