MNK ONE, a unique fund to access the European market

MNK One pan-european yield fund offers professional investors the possibility of a regular income over the duration of the fund while gaining access to diversified real estate markets with high valuation potential*.

* The value of the investments and the income derived from them may fluctuate and the client may not recover the full amount initially invested.


Controlled risk thanks to multi-class and multi-country investments


A possible liquidity can be obtained during the life of the fund**


Direct access to fund managers coupled with regular reporting on the portfolio under management

**according to the rules defined in the placement memorandum of the fund – this fund invests directly or indirectly in real estate which is less liquid than shares or bonds”.

“The difference between investment and capital is the value you give it”.

Our strategy :

In an environment where investors are looking for stable and sustainable yield solutions, MNK Partners capitalizes on its multi-sector expertise and European experience to achieve this goal.
We offer our investors the platform to understand and manage their real estate investment.
MNK ONE, our pan-European yield fund structured as a Luxembourg RAIF, meets these objectives by acquiring commercial real estate assets throughout Europe through one strategy with a dual approach :

– Invest in Western Europe with a selective strategy to only acquire core assets that offer attractive returns not guaranteed given the price compression in these markets.
– Invest in Central and Eastern European countries where opportunities in PRIME/CORE quality assets on which there could be a potential for value creation in addition to higher yields (not guaranteed).

The MNK ONE portfolio includes assets located in major and dynamic European cities. Leased to first-class tenants with firm long-term leases, they allow investors to receive stable and sustainable(not guaranteed) income over the duration of the fund (8 years).
In addition to our expertise and convictions, we adopt a rigorous investment process to offer capital appreciation potential to our investors.
MNK ONE offers professional investors a real estate solution with a diversified return, focused on the European market. Our transparent approach and controlled fee structure puts the investor’s interest at the forefront of our activity.


MNK One, a differentiating fund

A team of co-investor fund managers

MNK One fund is managed by a team of co-investor managers who share a strong common experience. Alongside the investors of MNK Partners, they bring a solid and recognized experience in the European market.

A control of investments

We manage fund raising growth with the objective to give investors a stable dividend as well as an attractive performance (not guaranteed) over time as an uncontrolled fund raising would both dilute the returns of existing investors and rush the fund into over-priced acquisitions.*

*Invest in real estate involves some risks

Strict investment criteria

The managers of the MNK One fund rigorously select the investments they make and attach the greatest importance to environmental, social and governance concerns.

A limited cost structure

MNK One fund offers a fully transparent and controlled cost structure, enabling it to realize the best possible performance for its investors.

Strong tenants in quality assets


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