ESG Policy

MNK Partners Group and all its subsidiaries and funds under management are committed to integrating environmental, social and governance (ESG) principles. We value the highest standards both in our funds, assets and services, and through the CSR vision we are building to support our growth as an engaged company. Trust and transparency are core values at MNK Partners. The selection of our portfolio assets is the result of well thought-out financial and real estate strategies incorporating our sensitivity to the education, healthcare, sustainability, industrial innovation and infrastructure sectors. We have aligned our ESG commitments and actions with the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the World Bank’s Environmental and Social Standards (ESS). Our ESG Charter details our commitments and their integration into our strategy, analysis, and management and investment processes.

Our ESG commitments

Since its creation in 2017, MNK Partners has been committed to the 10 principles relating to human rights (see Appendix 1 – ESG charter), international labor standards, environmental protection and anti-corruption.
MNK Partners has set up an “ESG team”, made up of engineers and environmental experts. This team is headed by an “ESG Director” who reports directly to the President of the group. To date, our ESG Director, an engineer by training, has experience in real estate and infrastructure development. He has also been recognized as an “EDGE[1] Expert” by the International Finance Corporation, member of the World Bank Group.
We are committed to integrating the ESG performance of our funds as well as that of our group in the annual reports that we communicate to our shareholders, investors and partners.
Furthermore, we commit to establishing an ESG analysis for each investment opportunity, using an internal “ESG Due Diligence” file, in the same importance as the technical, financial and economic study . This matrix will make it possible, in the event of integration of the asset, to follow the evolution of its ESG performance.
[1] Accredited by the IFC (International Finance Corporation), EDGE experts use their skills, knowledge and in-depth understanding of the EDGE software to give confidence in the ecological character of a project. Their persuasiveness enables the client to envision and realize a fully green portfolio.